Letter to Members of the FCPS School Board Addressing 2018 Budget

June 7, 2017

To Members of the FCPS School Board:

The Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Educators (AFPE) acknowledges the need to restructure the FCPS pay scales to achieve a compensation package that is competitive within the market. The Board also agrees with the compensation study’s findings that many teachers prefer both 1) to reach the top of their pay lanes earlier in their careers and 2) to receive greater awards associated with the progress towards and/or completion of graduate degree programs.

However, the AFPE Board takes issue with an implementation of new pay scales immediately and without grandfathering the old salary scales for current employees. The decision to impose the new salary scales on employees near the end of their careers will take a devastating toll on their retirement earnings with no possible opportunity for recouping their losses.

It is one thing to change the rules before new players enter the game or before the game even begins, but quite another to change the rules for players already on the field – some of whom have been on the FCPS team for nearly twenty years. We urge you to reconsider the implementation of the new salary scales to enact them for new hires only.

In addition, the AFPE Board believes that it is counterintuitive to espouse the belief that educational attainment is valued and to implement a pay scale that rewards it, but to provide no financial assistance for those in pursuit of that educational attainment. We urge you to reinstate tuition reimbursement for employees pursuing graduate degrees.

Your vote on changes to the pay scale will have a long-lasting impact on the morale and loyalty of current – particularly long-time – FCPS employees and on the recruitment of the world-class educators we hope to add to our team in the future.


Becca Ferrick, President
Association of Fairfax Professional Educators