Why Choose AFPE?


  • AFPE's mission is to do all we can to support and advocate on behalf of continued excellence right here in Fairfax County.

  • We have no paid staff. Active volunteers, with the support of a single administrative assistant, prepare and distribute newsletters and all forms of communication with the membership to include maintaining this web site.

  • Because we are not affiliated with any state or national teacher organization, and support no lobbyists, we do not have financial obligations to inflate dues.

  • We do not offer commercial product and amusement discounts which keep our dues affordable for our members.

  • Our modest monthly dues of $10 provide the same liability insurance to our members, as do the more costly nationally affiliated teacher organizations.

  • Our membership includes a national teacher of the year, a number of FCPS teachers of the year, nationally board certified teachers, other state and nationally recognized teachers for science, journalism, art and social studies, and a vibrant group of young professionals launching their careers.